What is Life Therapy?

LIFE THERAPY™ is the combination of psychotherapy, life coaching, mindfulness & meditation; a term I created to encompass my extensive training and skill sets. This unique approach gives me the ability to meet your specific needs in any particular moment.  

I know how easy it is for high profile, successful people to want to enhance their personal lives, and how difficult it is to actually stay focused and motivated when trying to do it all alone. My intention is to be your personal partner and guide so that you feel supported and inspired when accessing your ultimate potential in every realm of life.

We can leave our sessions open ended to explore whatever feels most important in the moment. We start with an underlying understanding of goals you would like to achieve, and organically move between past, present and future to help you do so. We work towards gaining a better understanding of why you think and feel the way you do, and create strategies to move beyond faulty thinking and difficult feelings, so that you feel more clear minded, balanced, and motivated.

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We can create specific goals you would like to achieve and a specific detailed path to reach them. Each week we explore your progress and obstacles. We spend less time focusing on your past, and more time enhancing your “now” to create your future.

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We can integrate spiritual concepts and practices such as mindfulness, meditation & prayer into our sessions to whatever degree feels most comfortable and supportive to you.

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How to Get Started?

I am extremely committed the therapeutic process of every individual with whom I work. Due the complete personalized attention I commit to you, I purposely maintain a small and exclusive client load. For this reason, I only accept clients who entirely commit to their therapeutic process. I find that people who fully invest in themselves have the greatest rate of success.


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