• Committed to Kindness

    Committed to Kindness
  • Cuddling in Tanzania

    Cuddling in Tanzania
  • Hanging with an NGO in Cuba

    Hanging with an NGO in Cuba
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    Connecting in Papua New Guinea
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    Bonding in Barbados
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    Laughing in Tari
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    Camel Trekking in China
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    Getting Tribal in Mt Hagen
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    Marrying in Mexico
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    Mommy in Miami

Welcome, I’m so glad you found me. If we haven’t yet met, I’m Jasmin Terrany.

Are you searching for something, but not sure if I can offer you what you need? I understand.

Let me make this easy for you...

You are in the right place if...

You have a deep commitment to making the world a better place. You dream bigger than the rest, accomplish extraordinary goals, and believe anything is possible. You have been outwardly "successful," and your life may even look like a fantasy…

...Yet you still feel like something is missing.

I’m here to help you solve that - To align your inside with your outside - To help you feel true satisfaction in all areas of your life.

Translation? I will help you be extraordinary in your personal life too.

I work with international superstars, leaders and change-makers, from Hollywood to Hong Kong. I know how difficult it can be for high profile, "world-changers" to find the time for their personal lives; and how difficult it is to actually stay focused and motivated when trying to make changes on your own. Want to know more about me? I have much to share with you below...


  • Tufts University, Bachelor of Arts, Spanish Major
  • Columbia University, Master of Arts, Psychological Counseling
  • Columbia University, Master of Education, Psychological Counseling


  • Florida Psychotherapist License (LMHC)
  • New York Psychotherapist License (LMHC)
  • New York School Counseling License


  • Mindfulness-Based Cognitive Therapy (MBCT)
  • Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) Coaching
    (Same type of coaching technique as Anthony Robbins)
  • The Habits of Happy People Certification



Graduate school was followed by a few intense years working three jobs. I was a therapist for both English and Spanish speaking clients in a Medicaid clinic, a college counselor in a high school in Harlem, and was building my private practice on the side (starting in 2007). Once all of my licenses were in place, I took on my practice full time.

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We all love to hear a great story about triumph and overcoming all odds....

I've always felt a bit envious of people who have those stories because it makes me feel like their accomplishments are grander because they started with less...but you know what I realized?

We all struggle.

Just because I've been considered "successful" doesn't mean I didn't cry myself to sleep alone on Saturday nights, hate my body so much I hurt myself, date all the wrong men for all the wrong reasons, or feel insecure and lost regarding my career path.

The issue with being "accomplished" is that we seemingly have less justification for our pain. If I didn't know if I could pay for rent, at least there would be cause for my suffering. But no, I had no legitimate reason to suffer. I just sometimes did.

I struggled in silence. No one knew...I didn't even fully acknowledge it most of the time.

I put a lot of pressure on myself..."There is no way I was destined to be average....No, not me...." I had to stand out...be extraordinary, change the world, make a difference, or at least be as amazing as my mom... something! It’s no wonder I became an overachieving, perfectionist, "do-gooder". I always had to appear to have it all together.

I couldn't be vulnerable. I couldn't need anyone. I couldn't acknowledge I had any pain. I just had to keep moving....towards what? Who knows.

"One day I'll make a difference...find him...accomplish that...And then I'll be satisfied..."

No one knew that even though I longed for a deep, intimate, everlasting partnership, my insecurities kept attracting me to men for superficial reasons.

No one knew how much control and effort it took to keep my "perfect figure".

But from the outside what did people see? I did my best to make sure they would see pure perfection....

Happy. Fun. Down-to-Earth. Giving. Loving. Easy-going. Positive. Great family. Ivy League Education. Financially Comfortable. Lots of friends. Great Body. Attention from men. I truly "had it all".

Why would I need therapy?

"Everything is perfect. I don't have some mental illness. I'm doing better than most people I know."

Yet deep in my heart, I knew there must be more to this life. I knew that I wasn't fully comfortable in my own skin, that behind closed doors I wasn't as satisfied as I appeared.

I wasn’t sure what I needed, but I truly did want to find out. I decided that if I was going to be "the best" therapist, I really had to experience therapy from the other side. I had to sit on the couch. I had to dig as deep within myself, if not deeper, than I was encouraging my clients to do.

I just wasn't prepared for how life changing my own therapy would be...

So I jumped in head first. I embraced the “gift of therapy” that I gave myself. I made my weekly appointments my sacred time. I trusted the process. I confronted my fears. I let myself be vulnerable. I cried. I released. I challenged. I accepted. And I evolved.

With time, my externally “perfect" life started to actually feel perfect, complete and whole.

I developed tools to feel peaceful, grateful and grounded within - regardless of the chaos around me.

I released my food and body image issues - and now effortlessly weigh 10 lbs less than my "ideal" weight.

I attracted and opened my heart to the healthiest most beautiful relationship I could have ever imagined. My husband is truly the easiest, most gratifying part of my life.

I continue to have deep, open, authentic loving relationships with my friends and family.

I moved beyond my "job" and created a truly satisfying career. I now only work 2 days a week, from my beachfront gorgeous home, making more money than I ever imagined.

I live in true balance...in all realms of my life - love, spirituality, relationships, health, career, and now in motherhood!

As much as people look at my life and say how “lucky” I am, I know that my personal fulfilment in this life isn’t luck. It is based on my choice to commit to my own deep, powerful, authentic inner work…..a choice I make today and every day…

Care to join me?

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One of my deepest passions is travel. I have had the privilege to explore almost 50 different countries, and love nothing more than having new experiences with people of different cultures. One of the most significant moments in my life was when I traveled to Nicaragua, my senior year of college, with 18 members of the global awareness student organization I founded at Tufts, called Pangea.

It was there that I met Esther, an impoverished stranger whose cancer had eaten away half of her face, and whose life I took into my own hands. If you are interested in the story, you can read about it in my personal statement for graduate school.

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