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What is Life Therapy™?

Psychotherapy & Life Coaching + Mindfulness & Meditation

My intention is to empower superstars to shine brighter than they ever imagined. In my Private Practice Plus+ I offer individual Life Therapy sessions via office, phone and Skype to the most successful, motivated, responsible, organized, goal-oriented women possible. For those who don’t yet qualify for individual sessions, I provide the most empowering content, programs, and products to facilitate ultimate fulfillment in every realm of life...

FREE VIDEO TIPS for Satisfaction in Every Realm of Life.

Finally Feel Fulfilled in Love, Body & Career

My books

I am truly excited and humbled to join Marianne Williamson and Danielle LaPorte as a contributing author in the best-selling […]

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Ask Jasmin

Q: I am so consumed with what other people think of me, how do I stop?

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    • Does our culture lack compassion?

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